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Salt Systems


We install new salt systems on a weekly basis. Below is a price guideline along with recommended units. Please note that we are not affiliated with these products - we have installed many different models, however, based off our experience, PureChlor and Hayward have an excellent track record so we install these most often. Other units such as Pentair are good but are usually associated with an automation system so they can be pricey. If you have any questions, please call me... 813-390-1700

*When sizing a unit (in Florida conditions), it's highly recommended to oversize the cell. This will increase the life of the unit and insure proper chlorine production.



Installed Price
(salt loading is $8/bag)

The PureChlor system is the unit we recommended most often. Don't let the low price fool you... it's a very well-built unit and it comes with an outstanding 10 year limited warranty.

15K 25k 40K
$1,175.00 quoted quoted

Hayward Aqua Rite


15K 25k 40K

The most popular salt system on the market. Very good design with a digital interface. The unit has a 4 year warranty. $1,500,00 quoted quoted

We Install/Repair Many Other Brands of Salt Systems... These are simply two of the most common.  Call for more information. 

Regular chlorine pools require weekly shocking to burn off combined chlorine and other harmful contaminates. Salt pools, however, constantly produce their own natural chlorine so the water is always in top condition. There simply is no comparison.

The benefits of natural chlorine (salt pools) are as follows:

1. The swimming experience is incredible!
2. No need to manually add chlorine each week to shock the pool.
3. Salt levels are low enough that the water doesn’t taste salty.
4. The water is much less aggressive on your eyes (reduces red eyes)
5. Much less aggressive on your hair and skin (no green tint, for example)
6. Ideal for people with allergies.
7. A better smell & overall appearance.

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We have many years of combined experience installing and repairing salt systems... and many happy customers! We are CPC certified and insured so you will have no worries trusting us to your system. Let's get started, call me today! Installation takes about 2 hours.

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