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Greatly Improve the quality of Your Pool Water by Converting to
Natural Chlorine!!
Are you tired of red eyes, itchy skin and water that reeks of chlorine odors? Then give us a call and switch your pool to salt... when I say "salt", don't worry; it's not like the ocean. In fact, it's so little salt that you probably can't even taste it if you tried. But you can certainly feel it - soft water that is smooth and pleasant to the touch! :
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We Install/Repair Many Brands of Salt Systems!

From Pentair, to PureChlor, to Hayward. Call for more information.

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1,5k+ Pools Serviced
15K+ Pools Repaired
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We Install/Repair Many Brands of Salt Systems!

Regular chlorine pools require weekly shocking to burn off combined chlorine and other harmful contaminates. Salt pools, however, constantly produce their own natural chlorine so the water is always in top condition. There simply is no comparison.

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The benefits of natural chlorine (salt pools) are as follows:
  • The swimming experience is incredible!.
  • No need to manually add chlorine each week to shock the pool.
  • Salt levels are low enough that the water doesn’t taste salty.
  • The water is much less aggressive on your eyes (reduces red eyes)
  • Much less aggressive on your hair and skin (no green tint, for example)
  • Ideal for people with allergies.
  • A better smell & overall appearance.
Let the Experts Install Your System Today!

We have many years of combined experience installing and repairing salt systems... and many happy customers! We are CPC certified and insured so you will have no worries trusting us to your system. Let's get started, call me today! Installation takes about 2 hours.

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