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Heat Pump Installations
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Energy Efficient Heat Pump Installations
Heat Pump Installed, starting as low as $3,995.00:
    Heat Pumps are the best way to heat your entire pool... they are cheaper to operate than gas heaters and are powerful enough to heat your entire pool or just your spa. In Florida, unlike Solar Panels, Heat Pumps will work year-round and will NOT damage your roof. The Heat Pump we recommend are made by Rheem. The company has been around a very long time and has a proven track record. Furthermore, the cost is much better than the Hayward or Pentair units (we install those as well). Our installations typically include an H-bypass, Hurricane pad (if needed) and all associated plumbing/setup. If the equipment area lacks the proper wiring/disconnect, then additional costs can occur. We would have to look at your particular setup to give proper estimate. Thank you!

Other sizes and models available... **DEPENDING ON YOUR ELECTRICAL CONFIGURATION, additional costs may be required. Call us today and we can discuss your specific needs and properly size a unit for your pool.

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