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Overview of Pool Services....

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Regular Weekly Service
Starting at $79/month(price varies depending on size/type of pool)

What's included....?

Maintaining all chemicals according to state regulations
Brushing the tile & brief surface skimming with net
Brushing the side walls & steps
Cleaning the filter (includes D.E. Powder - if applicable)
Cleaning the pump & skimmer baskets
Equipment inspection
Regular maintenance on salt system (if applicable)

Regular Weekly Service With Surface Netting
Starting at $x/month (price varies depending on size/type of pool)

Includes everything mentioned above plus netting.  We use a fine mesh scoop net to clear debris off the surface of the pool and some of the larger debris off the bottom.  This is a less expensive alternative to full cleaning.  The pool will still look very good and most people are happy with this service.

Full Weekly Service (screened in pool)
Starting at $x/month (price varies depending on size/type of pool)

Includes everything in the regular service plus cleaning debris out of the pool on a weekly basis with a fine mesh scoop net.  In addition, we will also vacuum the pool up to two times per month (if needed).  We will take more time each week to clean the pool so everything is always completely clean.

Full Weekly Service (no screen)
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Includes everything in the basic service plus cleaning all the debris out of the pool on a weekly basis.

*We offer bi-weekly services for salt pools and pools in the colder months... call for details.

Why Choose Us for Pool Service?

1. Pool service is on the same day each week - typically by the same technician. We have great reviews because we pay attention to the needs of our customers.

2. Sign-in Sheets are left on location and complete service records are kept on file. Therefore, you will always know exactly when your pool was serviced and what was done.

3. Professionally trained pool technicians with years of experience. We are licensed (CPO) and insured to service all kinds of pools. Furthermore, we do all aspects of pool repair so there's no need to find another company when pool equipment breaks.

4. Competitive Prices (and easy methods of payment). We accept cash, check and credit. And we never "sneak in" extra charges. Your prices is what it is and if there is ever an issue, we will notify the customer first before doing any repair.

Contact: (813) 390 - 1700

Go With the Experts!

The chemicals you put in your pool are poisonous. If you don't know what you are doing you can harm yourself and damage your pool. Our technicians are highly trained and certified by the state to service pools. We maintain the water chemistry according to state regulations with slight modifications to control staining and to properly stretch the pool for 7 days. Therefore, we can guarantee that your pool will be a pleasure to swim in and completely safe for the whole family.

We test your water for the following:

1.  Chlorine
2.  Stabilizer
3.  PH
4.  Total Alkalinity (kept lower intentionally)
5.  Phosphates
6.  Calcium
7.  TDS
8.  Salt (if applicable)

Questions? Give us a call! (813) 390 - 1700

State Certified Experts
We care about our customers!

"I am so thankful we found Viking Pool Service. They are knowledgeable, professional and do outstanding work. Their team is very friendly and I never have to worry about my pool. I highly recommend this company to anyone that needs pool service"